Form B

Proposal Format

1. Title of the research proposal  

Summary of the proposed research
A Simple concise statement about the investigation, its conduct and the anticipated results in no more than 200 words


A brief definition of the objectives and their scientific, technical and techno-economic importance.


Major Scientific fields of Interest
A brief history and basis for the proposal and a demonstration of the need for such an investigation preferably with reference to the possible application of the results to ISRO's activities. A reference should also be made to the latest work being carried out in the field and the present state-of-art of the subject.


Linkages to Space Programme/Deliverables to ISRO on successful completion of the project


A clear description of the concepts to be used in the investigation should be given. Details of the method and procedures for carrying out the investigation with necessary instrumentation and expected time schedules should be included. All supporting studies necessary for the investigation should be identified. the necessary information of any collaborative arrangement, if existing with other investigators for such studies, should be furnished. the principal Investigator is expected to have worked out his collaborative arrangement himself. For the development of balloon, rocket and satellite-borne payloads it will be necessary to provide relevant details of their design. ISRO should also be informed whether the Institution has adequate facilities for such payload development or will be dependent on ISRO or some other Institution for this purpose.


Data reduction and analysis
A brief description of the data reduction and analysis plan should be included. If any assistance is required from ISRO for data reduction purposes, it should be indicated clearly.

8. Available Institutional facilities
Facilities such as equipments, etc, available at the parent Institution for the proposed investigation should be listed.
9. Fund Requirement
Detailed year wise break-up for the Project budget should be given as follows:
Fellowships * 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
Research Scientist      
Research Associate      
Research Fellows      


* Note: please specify the designation, qualification and rate of salary per month for each
  1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year Total

Equipment **



** Please specify various individual items and indicate foreign exchange requirement, if any

Satellite data/data




Consumables and Supplies




Internal Travel












Overheads(Overhead Expenses of 20% of Total Project Cost not exceeding 3.00 lakhs )



** Justify each equipment. If computer is proposed, only desktop has to be purchased not laptop
10. Whether the same or similar proposal has been submitted to other funding agencies of Government of India.
If Yes, please provide details of the institution & status of the proposal.