Aug 10, 1979

Rohini Technology Payload (RTP)

Rohini Technology Payload (RTP)RTP was a 35 kg experimental spin stabilized satellite designed with a power handling capability of 3W. It was launched onboard SLV-3 on its maiden flight from SHAR Centre on August 10, 1979. The satellite contained instruments to monitor the flight performance of SLV-3, the first Indian launch vehicle. However the satellite could not be placed into its intended orbit. 

Mission Experimental
Weight 35 kg
onboard power 3 Watts
Communication VHF band
Stabilization Spin stabilized (spin axis controlled)
Payload Launch vehicle monitoring instruments
Launch date August 10,1979
Launch site SHAR Centre, Sriharikota, India
Launch vehicle SLV-3
Orbit Not achieved 
Launch Mass: 
35 kg
Launch Vehicle: 
Type of Satellite: