Announcement of Opportunity (AO) for future Astronomy payload/ mission

Purpose of the AO

The announcement solicits proposals from all institutions in India currently involved in astronomy / astrophysics and in the development of science instruments for space for future astronomy payloads / mission.  New and innovative science, ideas based on technologies which are not yet mature at present , can also be submitted which could become potential options for future missions of ISRO.

Terms and conditions

The Principal Investigator of the proposal should be (i) able to provide necessary details of the instrument which can address the scientific problems and (ii) capable to bring together the instrument team and lead the team for developing a space qualified instrument.

Proposers should describe how the scientific objectives could be translated to instrument parameters for a space mission, its instrumentation, measurement and operational concept.

Proposals are to be submitted through proper channel to


Space Science Programme Office,

ISRO HQ, Antariksh Bhavan,

New BEL Road,


Email: [email protected] 

The proposals can be sent in doc and pdf versions to [email protected].

The last date for receiving the proposals and summary,  through proper channel in the format provided below is on or before 16th April 2018.

Format for submitting the proposal

  1. Title of the proposal
  2. Name and contact information of the proposer (PI or lead)
  3. Executive Summary of the proposal (two pages)
  4. Scientific Objectives (max. one page) – Primary and secondary objectives are to be mentioned clearly.
  5. Detailed scientific justification – scientific rationale, improvement in the relevant field which will be achieved with this payload, justification for space observations, need for complementing with ground based observations including expected results and significance compared to previous and contemporary missions (max. three pages) -
  6. Mass, power, volume requirements of the experiment (one page)
  7. Any other special requirements from the mission (one page)
  8. Detailed pert chart and time schedule for phase-wise completion of study phase, Laboratory Model / Verification model, Qualification Model (Should be identical in Mass, Volume and Design as Flight Model, and should undergo all environmental tests), Flight Model and reviews thereafter. (max. two pages)
  9. Calibration procedures for the experiment and plans for data processing, analysis, software pipeline. (two pages)
  10. Available facility at your institute/ laboratory for the development and calibration of the payload (one page)
  11. Scientific and Engineering team proposed to be involved and their expertise and achievements in the related field.  (one page listing all the members, their affiliations and the expected individual contributions, subsequently brief CV of each not exceeding 300 words)
  12. Year-wise budget requirements (max. two pages)

Summary of the proposed payload/mission

The format for submitting the summary of the proposed payload/mission is Here.